Friday, August 9, 2013

The loss

Today I was struck with the emotions of the loss that has to occur in order for a child to enter our home.  I do not take it lightly, it's one of the worse tensions I have ever experienced.  I know my child will have to lose a father and mother and maybe siblings due to circumstances that I can't help or control.  I feel for the family who either is sick or dying and unsure of what might happen to their child.  Or the widowed and rejected  mother infected with HIV and has no other options but to give this child up.  How terribly painful.  I am crying as I contemplate what has to be happening in Ethiopia as those around me are excited to see this child come home to our family.  I want to remember when I am overjoyed about a addition to our family that it came at a great cost to my son or daughter and their birth parents.  Let me not forget the reality and love them with great compassion.  If you're praying for our adoption journey please be praying for this child's heart and the momma that felt the need or had to say good-bye for some reason.

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